SSAO Pro offers a high-quality, stable and fast version of SSAO for Unity with added features like lighting contribution, occlusion color or distance cutoff with smooth falloff.

High Quality

Adds a whole new visual dimension to your scenes using a stable and powerful algorithm.


Quality settings, downsampling levels, variable blur quality... Fine-tune the effect to your needs !


Wide or sharp radius, intensity, occlusion distance and color, distance falloff... Plenty of settings to tweak !

"I have had SSAO Pro for a while now and used it on many projects. It's just amazing in terms of performance and visual effect, however my experience with Thomas and his support is just fantastic. He's very helpful and patient."
John Rossitter

"Coming from an education in 3D rendering, lighting, and composting, I can tell you that this asset brings you the best looking, and most flexible SSAO effect you could ask for. All the tweaking features really make this worth it. Great for making your game look AAA and implements easily into any project. If you're project goal is to make a photo-realistic looking game, this is essential, Unity's default Ambient Occlusion image effect just doesn't cut it like SSAO Pro does."
Aaron Mandell

"Very professional asset in terms of both performance and aesthetics. Overall very pleased and happy with the purchase. Worth it if you want that extra level of realism for the AAA look without the price tag."
Zekiel Fialho