Colorful FX is a collection of high-quality, fast and customizable post-processing effects and color adjustments for Unity.

Easy to use

Clean user interface with tons of options, sliders, presets.
Complete user manual with screenshots and tips.


Each effect has been tuned for maximum performances with multiple shader variants depending on the settings you actually use.


Ready for production use on desktop, webplayer and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

"A really wonderful and very well made collection of camera effects (with tons of properties to tweak/animate) that will make you happy and want to overuse them indiscriminately. Fantastic. Also, support is top-notch."
Daniele Giardini

"Colorful's effects are fast, well documented, and well written. They're very easy to use, and very easy to tweak to your needs. Developer support is really great as well. This package is very worth it, to anyone looking for great set of effects!"
Tony Coculuzzi

"Extremely well documented, well written, optimized, tons of effects (like, seriously, a huge amount), etc... What's not to love!"
Gadget Games