Colorful FX is a collection of high-quality, fast and customizable post-processing effects and color adjustments inspired by the greatest color correction tools from the most popular graphic editing applications. If you’re familiar with Photoshop or similar you should feel right at home ! All effects can be animated via scripting or using the Animation window.

You can apply these effects in two ways :

  • Select your camera and click on one of the filters listed in Component -> Colorful FX
  • Select one of the components in /Colorful FX/Scripts/Effects/ and drag it onto your camera


Unity 5.1+ and Unity 2017.1+ users, you can click the top-right help button on Colorful components at any time to jump to the documentation.

Here’s a list of scenes and external assets used in screenshots :

Thanks a lot to Andromeda Station for granting me the right to use screenshots of their amazing Orbital Reentry Craft asset and Manufactura K4 for the gorgeous Top-Down City.